Company Social Media Goals

In this continuing discussion about Industrial Finishes and Territorial Seed Co., I’m going to talk about what I believe is each of the two companies goals in using the particular social media mixes they are currently working with.  Each company obviously has their own purpose in mind, and hopefully it is all part of their overall content strategy.

Industrial Finishes’ social media mix, as stated before, is centered around their auto body repair and paint markets.  This means that they really focus on the quality of their work, as well as events that they participate in.  The picture of the Lamborghini Aventador taken at the 2013 SEMA Auto Show in Las Vegas,IF Paint Job is not only an example of the excellent quality of work that they offer, but it is also the type of media that they are providing for their automotive markets to see the type of recognition that their work receives.

As far as their social media mix goals are concerned, I believe that they are hoping to reach a crowd that appreciates the highest quality of work, with the best technical experience around.  It gives Industrial Finishes the ability to show their work instead of just talking about it.

Territorial Seed Co. has employed the same sort of mix, except they have allowed their target market to be saturated with who they are and what they offer on multiple social media platforms.  This cross-platform utilization is, from what I can tell, a major portion of their content strategy, and allows for the opportunity to engage with their markets on many levels.

Images such as the Purple Star Sweet PepperTerritorial Seed Sweet Pepper found on Pinterest and Instagram, allow for Territorial Seed Co. to get their subscribers excited and ready for the gardening season.  It also allows for their subscribers to engage in discussions and have questions answered from Territorial Seed Co.’s very own gardeners.  This type of involvement grants the company valuable information in terms knowing what kind of content to continually provide for their customers.  It not only allows them to feel the pulse of the market, but it keeps the customer coming back time and time again.

Both of these companies have at least embraced the idea that social media can help them achieve their marketing goals.  Although each one may have some different goals than the other, they both have an identical core goal that they want to achieve.  The ability to connect with their customers is central to any marketing strategy, and both of these companies are doing it.


Social Media Target Audiences

As Spring Break ends and school starts back up again, I’ve been able to sit down and take a better look at my two companies with greater depth.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, each company is on a different part of the social media spectrum.  To recount, Industrial Finishes is very much in their infancy stage, just starting out in the digital media world.  While Territorial Seed Co. has a greater grasp on the entire concept.  To a degree, both seem to have their target audiences in mind, while utilizing a variety of platforms to reach

According to Industrial Finishes’ website, they have four identifiable target markets; Automotive/Collision Repair market, Recreational Vehicle market, Panel & Cabinet market, and the Industrial and Commercial Coatings market.  These four markets are the baseline for their current success, however their success is not based off their digital marketing strategy.  Currently they are operating on YouTube and Facebook, but still don’t quite use these two platforms to their maximum potential.  As it seems, they are mainly catering to their Automotive market.

This market consists of “Car Guys” as they proudly proclaim.  This “Car Guy” mentality is focused around people who take pride in their remodeled vehicles and want a beautiful paint finish to top it off.  This marketing strategy is obvious in both their YouTube and Facebook accounts, because most of their content is centered around car shows.  Yes, there is the occasional mention of a new store opening up, or a small article about automotive parts, but there is nothing really tailored to the other target markets.

I really feel as though Industrial Finishes could be even more successful if they were to expand their use and activity of social media, and reach out to their other target markets using these platforms.  There are countless ways in which to engage their individual audiences, broaden their online presence, and keep current and potential customers interested.  The question is, which target market should they really focus on?

Territorial Seed Co., on the other hand seems to have a much better understanding as to who their target market is, while at the same time, fully engaging themselves on social media.  They use multiple platforms, allowing them to reach target audiences who may not be on every single platform on the web.  This strategy alone allows for a broader reach and allows their content to flow further.

Their primary, and quite possibly the only two target markets they have, are the common backyard gardener, and the stores that cater to these backyard gardeners.  Each target market is the type who is concerned about GMOs, and want an organic alternative to fruit and vegetable seeds.

Because they utilize multiple platforms, they are able to capture the essence of their brand and then broadcast this to each specific customer on each social media site.  They are able to provide promotions and create buzz on Twitter and Facebook, while creating a library of pictures and information on both Instagram and Pinterest.  And to boot, they have instructional videos on YouTube to offer a helping hand to those already growing fruits and vegetables.  Territorial Seed Co., is without a doubt, actively engaged with their audience.

Though Industrial Finishes has been around for nearly six decades and has had tremendous success on many fronts, their current social media marketing model is lagging.  Because their clientele is mostly of an older generation of people, social media has not been that big of a concern to them.  However, they realize that markets change, and in order to reach those new markets, they need to be able to communicate with them.  This is where social media takes its rightful place, but with a current cost of playing the catch-up game.

Territorial Seed Co., seems to understand this concept and has fully embraced it.  Their knowledge and understanding of their target markets drives them to stay current with the latest and greatest ways of communication, which in turn allows them to stay engaged with their markets.  This strategy will unquestionably serve them well now and into the future.

Online Company Profile

Territorial Seed Co.

Territorial Seed Company is a privately held company based out of Cottage Grove, OR.  They offer plants, garden accessories, and garden seeds,  including organic and biodynamic varieties and are 100% non-GMO.  They have a fully functioning website that handles with the majority of their business, due to the fact that they are mainly a mail-to-order seed company.  They do offer their seeds to local retailers, who in return sell them to the public.  They can be found at  While visiting this page, you can clearly see that their purpose is to provide information on the products they provide.  The site includes full descriptions of all their seeds, and pictures to show you what the end result should look like.

Territorial Seed Co.’s website also provides software, in which gardeners can draw out the layout of their garden, and “plant” the vegetables that they would like to have, to see if everything fits.  This software provides recommendations as to where and when to plant, how to care for the plants, and suggestions as to how to care for the garden.  It is quite the practical tool for a novice gardener as myself.

The “call to action” for this website is fairly forward, in that, if you are here looking for seeds, you are going to select and buy them.  You could ultimately peruse through the pictures, but inevitably, the person that is “just looking” will no doubt buy some seeds.

As of this post, Territorials Facebook page has over 85k likes, 3800+ followers on Twitter, 828 subscribers on YouTube, 471 followers on Instagram, 137 followers on Pinterest, and 11 followers on LinkedIn.  I would say this is a fairly broad sweep in their social media marketing strategy, however, I see a lot of room for improvement.

Industrial Finishes

Industrial Finishes is a wholesale distributor of automotive collision industry coatings, supplies, and equipment.  They paint anything that flies, floats, or rolls, and everything in between.  They began as an auto body and paint supply store serving the Pacific Northwest in 1958.  When Stuart Barr, once a driver for the store, bought the company and began the innovation process.  Stuart Barr had a background in spray painting and used his knowledge to serve the local timber industry, specifically plywood manufacturing.  “He was determined to spray the glue on to give a more even application.”  And so, he invented a device and a method to spraying specific adhesives to plywood, which significantly reduced the amount of glue used, as well as improving the quality of plywood.

Industrial Finishes website is, and offers both a portal for day-to-day customers and for current customers who have a profile.  The obvious intent of their website is to inform the reader.  They are not “selling” anything directly, but rather showing what they have to offer, and the way they do it.  They also provide a detailed history of the company, and the people involved with their success.  Overall, it is more informational than anything else.

The call-to-action for Industrial Finishes might be their directing of customers to visit their YouTube and Facebook pages.  There is no real “selling” on the site, so there is no shopping cart, nor checkout.

As of this post, they have only 15 subscribers on YouTube, over 1000 views on their Google+ account, 340+ Facebook likes, and 62 followers on LinkedIn.  As I’ve mentioned before, they are in their infancy stages of social media marketing, but are aware of the changing of times.

My Target Companies and Why I Selected Them

There are many local companies in which I would love to analyze and get to know more.  However, with such a limited amount of time for this class, I’m limiting myself to the two that is required.  I’ve chosen to analyze Territorial Seed Company and Industrial Finishes.  Both companies are local, and both companies have a fairly decent social media presence.

Territorial Seed Co., as you may have guessed, is a garden seed supply company.  They are based out of Cottage Grove, OR and started off as a mail-to-order seed company.  However, since its introduction, they have grown from a small time operation to a full 44 acre business.  Their seeds are all non-GMO, which is the main reason why I started buying from them years ago.  Not only do they offer non-GMO seeds, but the varieties offered are no less than perfect.  I’m able to switch my garden around each year with something new and exciting, and of course keep my favorites from years past.

When I was first in the market for non-GMO seeds, I went to the internet.  I wanted something local because I believe that local companies need to be supported first before the national conglomerates.  I happened to come across Territorial, and the rest is, well the rest is in my garden.  I’ve enjoyed several years of fresh vegetables, and countless hours of dad and son time, digging holes and turning dirt.  Great times!

Now as far as their social media campaign goes, I think they are right on par with their size.  They have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and of course countless “pins” from their Pintrest page.  They are on the platforms that matter for their business model, and from what I can tell, are doing it right.  I believe that I’ll be able to gain some great insight as to how they use these mediums, so that I can apply them in my own career in the future.

The second company I have chosen is Industrial Finishes.   Industrial Finishes is a wholesale distributor of automotive collision industry coatings, supplies and equipment.  They have been serving the Pacific Northwest since 1958 and started right here in Eugene.  They are a Christ oriented company and are not afraid to show it.  It’s really awesome to see a company so open about their faith and be so successful as well.

I recently had the chance to interview with them and met with their marketing director, Mike Duncan.  I was able to sit down with him and ask him several questions pertaining to their social media marketing strategy.  I obviously became even more intrigued with the notion of the possibility of working with them.  Not only would the knowledge gained be extremely beneficial for my own tool belt, but the fact that I would have oversight and guidance while “tinkering” with my own mix of ideas is absolutely invaluable.

They are currently utilizing Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, but have yet to fully dive into social media marketing.  They have been using the tried and proven way of customer loyalty and word of mouth, but are fully aware that there is a broader market of social media users.  At the current moment, I believe they are more or less in their infancy stages of their social media marketing strategy, and am extremely excited to see where they end up with it.

My Thoughts on Social Media. Describe what you think are the main differences between Social Media Networking and Social Media Marketing.

Though “Social Media Networking” and “Social Media Marketing” may seem like the same thing, they are quite different.  The first and foremost difference between the two is that social media networking is the active practice of trying to form groups of communities with the same likes and interests.  They are often times trying to acquire new customers to their brand’s services or product by utilizing existing customers, or by searching out and using social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Social Media Networking also includes the ability to build brand awareness, so that a thought, a sense of being, or even a lifestyle may spread easier.  When people begin talking with their friends, a firms “brand” is being judged and valued between those individuals.  This network of communication can then spread across to different companies, as well as customers enriching the companies brand.

The downside to Social Media Network is the fact that there are often times no quantifiable measures of success.  The main objective is to reach out and get a hold of as many people as possible.  This may be a strategy used for some businesses, however, I would think that most businesses would want a way to measure their returns on investments, as well as see an increase of sales that they can actually see.

Social media marketing, on the other hand, is actively advertising on social media platforms to those who are already customers, or who are already actively searching out for products and services you may be offering.  As a company, you are either actively trying to retain current customers and have them continue buying your products and services, or you are simply marketing to a new target market.  In other words, you have a strategy that you believe can reach your target market and build a lasting relationship.  This relationship then becomes a company’s “bottom line.”  Once a company has loyalty from their customers, word of mouth begins, and the company is then able to obtain even more relationships.

The whole thing between networking and marketing essentially boils down to the objectives of the company. Do they want to have as many friends as they can possibly get, or do they want to obtain meaningful relationships that they can obtain a measurable goal

My Objectives for this Course.

When I first signed up with WordPress, I did not have any clear objectives.  So my first post is kind of irrelevant now, however, I’m going to keep it because it allows all you followers out there to stay connected with me!

But as the title suggests, I have some personal objectives that I’d like to accomplish while attending this course.  Now I wouldn’t say that I’m social media illiterate, however, I may be out of practice a bit.  For instance, WordPress is a new concept for me.  I don’t blog, and I doubt I ever will after this class.  But, I do believe that learning something new is important because you never know what life has in store for you.  The skills that I will acquire here might go on to serve a larger purpose later on.  Who knows, maybe I’ll find that I enjoy writing senselessly and make a career out of it!

As far as the other objectives go, I would like to dive into each media platform and discover things that I am unaware of on a “user level.”  I want to know how to apply these mediums in a marketing manner, where I will grow and understand how to use them in my future marketing career.  I realize that there are countless platforms that one can use to market, but I also believe that using the main ones (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) are where you will reach the most customers.  These platforms can be catered so to your target market(s) allowing for a wider range of connecting.

However, I am also aware that these current platforms will not stay current, or relevant for that matter, in the near future.  I hope to also gain the ability to stay connected with current trends and current platforms, so that I will be able to continue with how I focus on my marketing strategy.

By staying current with the materials and tools of marketing, I hope to be able to gain the insight needed to connect with my audience.  Whether I’m working for someone who is developing their own marketing strategy, or if I open up my own business and develop my own strategy, I hope that what I learn from this class suits me well in the future.