What Worked Well.

I think the fact that we wrote two blogs posts per week helped me out a lot. I was extremely hesitant at first about writing so much, but that definitely changed once I understood the benefits of doing so. Not only do I now understand how it can help a social media marketing strategy, but also it helped in my overall writing of this report. This report would have been much harder, and would have taken a much longer time, if I had not already written my outline for it.

I also enjoyed the fact that it was mandatory to connect to several other social media platforms that I typically wouldn’t have been signed up for. The platforms used were a good generalization of the platforms commonly used today, and as a marketer, I need to know the ends and outs of them

What Could be Improved in this Course

Should extend the class to 16 weeks.

I feel that 8 weeks is an extremely short amount of time to do the type of work we did. With all my other classes and the homework that was needing to be done, I felt that 16 weeks would have eased that pain.

Commenting on peers posts

I’m never a fan of commenting on my peers posts in any class. But for a social media marketing class, being forced to comment seems a bit fake and not genuine. I did encounter many posts that were great posts, but I don’t know if I would have commented on them on my own.


I understand the benefit of the checklist, but mandating that it be checked was kind of lame. They were easy points to make, but I failed to check a couple of blocks because I stayed up waiting to comment on my fellow peers blogs and fell asleep before I could actually comment on them. The time standard passed, and I lost a small portion of points. Mostly it hurt my feelings.