The five things that I learned about Social Media Marketing are:

Provide valuable content to the reader

Readers will not engage with you if they are not interested in the content given. The content is key to providing a way to interact and allow for dialogue to occur. Without it, marketers have nothing in common with their audience, and their audience will overlook them until they find something of value to them.

Pictures grab the attention of the audience

I started experimenting on my own blog posts, and it seemed to grab more attention from my classmates and the rest of my followers on Facebook and Twitter. I think that by giving a visual to the context at hand, helps the readers visualize and understand the content even further.

Be yourself and talk in a way that connects with your audience

By being “human” in your posts, you take the faceless online presence that can so easily occur, and give your content some human traits to it. The audience is more likely to be engaged with someone they think is personable, or has great ideas, as opposed to someone who only uses bullet statements.

Doing research is time consuming

The amount of research and analytics is quite time consuming. If I were a small business owner, I would not have the time nor the energy to commit this much effort into knowing the industry. Granted, I would do my due diligence before going into business, but the constant research can be tough. It is extremely rewarding work, but it seems like it would take up more time than it would be worth.

Build a social media marketing plan

As far as a social media marketing strategy goes, I have begun to see the outline begun to understand the importance of establishing a plan first. It would be easy with all the constant posting and commenting on the various platforms, to get lost and off track if there wasn’t a plan set emplaced in which to guide you. I really believe that a plan is the absolute first step when deciding where you want to go with your social media marketing. If you don’t know who your target audience is, how would you know what type of content to provide? If you don’t provide valueable content, you won’t have followers who are actively seeking you. A solid plan gives you a structure to build upon and guide you to your end goal.

I believe my two companies are on a path, but have different goals in mind. Granted the end goal is definitely to make money, but it should be to build relationships that are lasting and fruitful.