The End is Near (and what I learned)

As the term draws to an end, so does my analyses of my two companies.  I’ve been able to delve much deeper than I had originally anticipated, and have learned quite a lot about Industrial Finishes and Territorial Seed Company. Both are terrific companies and have enormous potential to grow even more than they already have. Being able to dissect each one has been a challenge, yet in its own way, extremely rewarding for me.   I’ve definitely been challenged this term in my writing abilities and style, but have learned to appreciate what blogging has to offer.

At first, I was skeptical as to the benefits that blogging had to offer. But as the weeks went along, I realized what blogging can do for a company. By doing the research needed to gather the information, and then presenting it to an audience that I do not necessarily know, made me hone my writing skills even further.

Because we had to update our blog twice per week, this forced me to gather new information, while at the same time become even more familiar with my two companies. By doing the two blogs and answering the questions that were presented to us, made me think outside the box, and look at the two companies from a different perspective than I normally would have. It also allowed me to understand the potential that blogging can do for a social media marketing strategy.

From my own blog source, I can completely understand how blog/content engagement is important, and how a company can broadcast its content to the far reaches of the globe.   From my own experience, I was able to receive comments that helped me develop other ideas for my future blog posts. I was able to communicate directly with each commenter, which resulted in an interactive engagement of my own audience, and helped me gain a better understanding of how content can be influential and used as a useful resource for others.

As far as promoting my site, I only used Facebook and Twitter. I realized that I may have gained more audience member viewership if I were to have posted on LinkedIn, or sent emails to my contacts, but because this was a class, I felt that it would not be professional for me to broadcast to those two platforms. My LinkedIn account is meant for professional connections, not to clutter someone’s newsfeed with something they may or may not be interested in. However, I do realize the potential that was lost by not sharing my content. Right now, I don’t really consider myself to be a “true” thought leader, but more of an aspiring one. I will no doubt one day, use LinkedIn as a resource to post rich and engaging content to, but as of now I’ll refrain from it.

However, comparing promotions of my site to Facebook and Twitter are quite remarkable. Twitter wins hands down in terms of reposting, or “Retweets.” I’m still in awe in the fact that people from across the world are reading what I wrote. Whether that’s because Twitter seems to be a cesspool of creepy people, or people are actually retrieving #content that is relevant to their search.  Either way, content is being pushed out, and an audience is viewing it.

In terms of stats, my Twitter account grew to a total of 52 followers, while my Facebook account grew to 58. (Apparently my friends from my actual Facebook account wanted to be friends on my new account as well.) I did gain a few new friends though that have contributed to my content, and I would like to mention plentz741, bdeatherage, halseykim, mgiron3144, and aprilkburton (all WordPress usernames to keep confidentiality) as my top peer commenters. Some comments were more thoughtful than others, but the commentary was useful none the less!  I would also like to recognize Dr. Robert Vergara for his inspiring words and his commitment to Northwest Christian University’s marketing program.

Boring (or not so boring) statistics

My WordPress site received 44 comments, 314 views, and 112 visitors from across the world. These countries included 91 unique visitors from the United Kingdom, Germany, South Korea, Greece, Netherlands, Malaysia, and with the greatest amount originating from the United States. The three most interesting countries would have to be South Korea (5 views), Greece (1 view), and Malaysia (1 view).

My best day (March 23) received 196 views, best week (week of March 23) received 240 views, and best month (March) received 268 views.


In a total of just under 8 weeks, I’m completely surprised as to the reach of my blog. I can only imagine what that reach would be like if I were to increase my following, and provide enriched and engaging content so that more conversations can happen, and more relationships being developed. I cannot wait to use these same analytical skills that I have learned in the real world!thats all folks