Part Two:  WeaknessesWeaknesses

In order to continue being in a competitive position within the market, a company should perform a SWOT analysis on itself on a fairly routine basis. Just as there are strengths in a company’s social media marketing strategy, there are also weaknesses. Weaknesses could be customer service care, production line issues, or lack of fully trained employees. However, it could also mean weaknesses that are associated with one’s social media marketing strategy.

In this second half of performing a SWOT analysis on both Industrial Finishes and Territorial Seed Company, I discovered five weaknesses in their social media marketing strategy. With each having a different approach on their campaign, they both have varying degrees of what they should work on. However, there is one subtlety amongst both of them, and that again, comes back to the content they are providing.

Industrial Finishes

1.  No Clear Objectives

Industrial Finishes does not seem to have a clear understanding of where they want to go in their social media campaign. I would not say they are just “floating around,” however, with the style of postings on Facebook, and the style of videos they are creating and sharing on YouTube, there does not seem to be any particular reason as to why they are posting and uploading.

2.  Lack of Interactive or Engaging Content

Almost every post that is put on Facebook has a limited ability to be engaging. There should be a mix of content that engages the audience, yet delivers a clear message that should support the overarching goals of the company. Yet, there is still nothing for the audience to really get engaged and comment on, or even better, to share. I believe that Industrial Finishes is losing out on an opportunity to capitalize on one of their biggest assets, their audience.

3.  Videos Lack Valuable Content

I feel like Industrial Finishes is going in the right direction with their videos on YouTube, however they have a lot of room to grow. There are many possibilities and routes that they can take in order to gain new audience members, as well as keeping their current audience engaged.

Currently one of their highlighting videos is their “2014 Partners in Profit” Expo. This type of video has a lot of potential, but it doesn’t seem to get off the ground, nor does it spark much interest. I really feel they have something they could use to create a well-rounded marketing strategy with these videos, but there is a lack of interesting or engaging content being shown.

Also, I think they could capitalize on showing potential customers who they are, and what they do. By using YouTube, they could easily show the processes of what they do, and all the projects they are involved in. To me, this is an easy way to engage current customers, yet offer insight into potential customers who may be looking for services, or possible partners looking to make an alliance.

4.  Audio on Videos is Poor and Distracting

The same videos that are being posted, the ones with commentary, have some major audio quality issues. This is not only distracting for the viewer, but they could easily be brushed off as not being professional. I believe that a company’s image is extremely important when first time viewers are looking at you, and if you give them the wrong impression, you may lose a potential client.

Industrial Finishes could easily acquire better audio devices to make their videos sound great. They are again on the right track with the style of video, but the audio quality is hurting the potential that is there.

5.  Does Not Seem to be Any Conversion Happening

Conversion could mean many things for different companies. However, with Industrial Finishes it’s hard to tell if there is any conversion actually going on with the content being provided.

They do have offer some posts on Facebook that educate the audience of solutions that they are able to provide if a problem occurs, however, there is a very limited amount of these posts.

On YouTube, they offer some examples of products that they use, in which customers can buy as well, but they lack the ability to easily purchase the product through Industrial Finishes’ inventory system. This not only would create an ease of use for the viewer, but it could also create an additional revenue stream for Industrial Finishes.

The end goal of conversion should be to have something happen. Whether that be to sign up for a newsletter, subscribe to a YouTube channel, or have a customer purchase a custom paint job, the marketing strategy should direct the audience towards the goal so that this can occur. Unfortunately for Industrial Finishes, they do not seem to be capitalizing on this in their social media marketing strategy.

Territorial Seed Company

1.  Needs Updated Content on YouTube

Though they have many videos uploaded to YouTube, they do not have a regular occurrence of additional content. Territorial Seed Co. could easily add one or two videos a month showcasing their gardening products, increasing their library of How-To videos, or even showing their audience added or secondary benefits to gardening. The possibilities are really endless, but the fact that they do not offer a continuous flow of educational or informational videos keeps the audience from fully engaging with them.

2.  Need to Add 1-2 More Engagements Per Day

Studies have shown that it is okay to post more than once a day, if done properly. Territorial on average, posts to Facebook or tweets to Twitter, about once every two days. This does not seem to have enough frequency to encourage their audience to engage with them. Not everyone is following tweets or posts on a 24/7 basis, so it is important to reach your audience when they are online. By posting content during certain times throughout the day, they could easily engage more audience members, creating more conversation.

3.  Pinterest and Instagram Lack Visual Content

With Territorial Seed Company’s products being such a visual component for buyers, I would assume they would take Pinterest and Instagram more serious. People would rather see pictures than read. That’s why infographs are such an important feature when proposing an idea or trying to explain something to someone. The same holds true for when customers buy things. Simply put, they like to touch the item before they buy the item. However, when items are sold online, it is a little harder to touch, so the next best thing is to offer a visual of the item.

Territorial Seed Co. does have high quality pictures of some of their products, but they need to include more of their product line. Not everyone is going to go directly to their website. (How is someone going to know where to go, if they don’t know who they are looking for?) So in order to grab the attention of a potential new audience member, they need to broadcast their content further by utilizing platforms, such as Pinterest and Instagram. They should provide a greatly detailed posting, and a high quality picture to persuade someone to click on it, which then lands them back to the company website.

4.  Lots of “Likes” on Facebook, Low Ratio of Audience Commenting

Though Territorial Seed Co. has over 86k “Likes,” they do not have this many of their audience members commenting or engaging with them. This is a staggering amount of “Likes,” but the ratio of actual engaged users is much lower. On average, each Facebook post gets 75 “Likes,” with around 10 comments. With 86k “Likes” one would think that there would be many more comments and interactions than what there currently is.

There is obviously some sort of a disconnect in reaching their audience. What it is, I’m not exactly sure, but it would be something that I would look into if I were Territorial.

5.  Not Creating a Connection With New Audience Members

This kind of goes in sequence with having a lot of “Likes” on Facebook, but not being able to fully grasp the full potential of all those interests. It seems that the content that is being pushed on Twitter and Facebook allows for their current audience members to interact, but there is no real engagement across to newer audience members.

They do have wholesale buyers who purchase their seeds and then redistribute them, who talk about Territorial Seed Co., or repost their blog. This may generate some new leads, but overall, from my research, there is very little effort in trying to acquire new audience members outside of their current marketing strategy.