strengthPart One: Strengths

One focus of a company’s social media marketing strategy is to engage and interact with their audience, while incorporating their brand into the message, which then creates brand recognition. Whether they deliver their content using multiple platforms or simply just one, the act of keeping your audience informed of your brand is what distinguishes a great campaign from a not so great one. If you fail to keep your audience’s attention, brand recognition will fade, resulting in a waste of time and a waste of a marketing budget.

I’ve discussed in previous blogs how Industrial Finishes and Territorial Seed Company involve themselves using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram. However, the level of engagement varies amongst the two companies. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, and both deliver their content in different manners. I’ll discuss both companies’ social media marketing strategies strengths and weaknesses in two parts for this week’s segment. 

Industrial Finishes

During my analysis of Industrial Finishes, I took a deeper look into their content delivery, and was able to pull from my own perspective, five strengths and five weaknesses. Considering that they mainly deliver content to only Facebook and YouTube, I’m also going to include content from their website as well. So without further ado…

1.  Partner/Customer Appreciation

Industrial Finishes prides itself by showing their gratitude towards their “partners in profit.” This slogan is a large part of their on-going success, and a large part of their marketing strategy is centered towards their partners/customers. (A large majority of their “partners” are their customers, but they’ve put a positive spin on the connotation.) They humbly show that they are only successful because of the overall effort that everyone they work with, puts in.

On Facebook, they show off expo posters with sponsors and partners, as well as various partners’ auto body shops. On YouTube, they’ve created short videos from their annual hosted expos, tradeshows, and car shows that they participate in, interviewing their distributers and other partners.

The simple act of mentioning their partners is such a powerful statement in their campaign strategy because it gives it a more “human brand.” (Discussed on strength #4)

2.  Creating Relevant Content  

One particular bit of content that I just recently discovered, is the company blog. They post it on Facebook, and it links back to their company website. I had overlooked it in the past, but realized that it too offers some great content for their partners. They’ve discussed new products for paint professionals, solutions and answers for distribution problems, as well as standard operating procedures learning modules for industry standards in collision and auto body repair.

Industrial Finishes posts content that is pertinent to their audience. The idea behind the messages is simple, deliver relevant information that followers can use that can also help out their own customers. Like I mentioned on strength 1, Industrial Finishes has many partners that they work with, so by delivering and creating content that is geared toward them, not only offers ideas and solutions for their partners, but the end result is obviously higher revenue for Industrial Finishes.

3.  Deliver Industry Related News to their Followers.

Industrial Finishes realizes that industries are constantly changing and evolving, and know that it’s important to stay on top of information that could affect them as well as their partners. They offer informative posts and videos on Facebook as well as YouTube that relate to either useful products, procedures, or new standards in the auto body repair industry.

4.  Transparent Company that Shows a “Human Brand.” 

By humanizing their content (on Facebook), they are showing the world that they are not a robot. It allows the audience to connect with them, and vice versa. They respond appropriately with comments, which builds their relationships even further. They even offer humorous posts, allowing their audience to see a lighter side that isn’t so business-like.

5.  Linking Blog from Facebook, Back to Website

Once posted to Facebook, followers can click on the post that takes them back to the company website. The company blog is an excellent way in which they push informative reviews, solutions to problems, ways to be more financially successful, and insight into their philosophy of innovation, partnerships, and relationships. They have built a small collection of blogs that allow their audience to read and gain more insight into the collision and auto body industry, while not diving in as deep as a white paper, or a pre-recorded webinar.

The value that is created, from my perspective, is the relational component of marketing, where the audience is being given information that they can actually use. If the content is consistently good, the audience member should return. I think Industrial Finishes knows this, and offers these bits of knowledge to keep their audience coming back for more.

Territorial Seed Company

1.  Visually Appealing High Quality Pictures

Whether the social media platform be Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook, the professional quality of their pictures, are often times, stunning. They offer their audience a sneak-peak into plants that could be grown in their very own backyards.With pictures of the plants of the latest heirloom seed, or a specialized grafted plant, the audience is able to see what the company has to offer, without having to only look at a seed packet. This in itself creates value for the customer, because it allows them to pick and choose what they want in their gardens before they begin to plant.

2.  Company Branding

The Territorial Seed Co. brand is everywhere. Simply put, the more times an audience member sees a logo or brand, the more they become aware, and the more they will learn to trust the company. Territorial Seed Co., places there company logo on all platforms, as the main picture. They also make sure to take pictures of all their packaging, products, and place their logo throughout their various videos.

3.  Videos

Territorial Seed Company’s How-To videos are a gem in themselves. They offer the audience insightful content into growing fruits and vegetables in their very own backyards. They offer tips and ideas to start and maintain a healthy garden, all while showcasing the plethora of plants and seeds they have to offer on their website. Of course, all videos are linked back to the website, where the audience can buy the products they are demonstrating.

Not only do they offer a growing collection of tutorials on gardening tips, they also have a separate segment on YouTube called the Drunken Botanist. It offers a fun side to gardening, in which the presenter shows off the different kinds of plants that you can find in the garden to make adult beverages. These plants, of course, are all varieties in which you can find back on their website.

4.  New Company Blog

After several years being on hiatus, Territorial Seed Company recently started up its weekly blogs. They started with their company owner and president, and have transgressed to different individuals from around the “Farm.” Each author contributes a tidbit of knowledge for the audience to consume and come back for another week’s contribution.

The blog’s link is pushed out to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and of course Twitter, allowing the audience member to read something informational and engaging.

The blog allows for conversations to happen between Territorial Seed Co., and its audience members, which is a phenomenal tool for insight on what customers are interested in knowing. This allows Territorial Seed Co. to keep content flowing to their readers, obviously keeping them engaged.

5.  Mixed Content

Territorial Seed Co. does a great job of mixing up their media content. They offer informative posts, tweets, and videos, while at the same time, they offer insight into the daily operations of the company. They post their audience members pictures, offer tips and techniques, and show new and old products.

They broadcast their strategy across multiple platforms, which helps to spread information to all of their audience members who may only be using select social media platforms. For example, they offer a product demonstration video showing the audience how easy it is to make pureed tomatoes with their electric processor. They then give you a link that lands you back to their website, allowing you to purchase the processor.

Or they give a detailed comparison of open-pollinated, hybrid, or heirloom seeds on a blog, so the audience can choose the ones they prefer.

Territorial Seed Co does not stick to one style of content, but rather change it up on an almost daily basis.