call-to-action-buttonIn this first part of a double-header weekend edition, I’m going to discuss how both Industrial Finishes (IF) and Territorial Seed Co. (TSCO), are attempting to generate dialog and interaction with their target market (TM), and what they are trying to attempt when they present a “call to action (CTA).”

Most companies have an agenda of sorts when they offer the CTA to their TM and it typically entails making a sale or enhancing their marketing efforts even further.  In its simplest form, a call to action is the response you want your target market to complete.  This could mean various things for different marketing strategies.  Typically in e-commerce, it’s the checkout button or the shopping cart that takes you to finalize your order.  However, this is not always the case, nor the only objective for a marketing strategy.  As stated before, a company may want to enhance their marketing efforts, and in doing so they offer a different type of CTA.

In many situations the marketing strategy is simply to build rapport.  When using social media to build rapport, companies are able to get to know their prospects, while at the same time the prospects get to know the company.  Companies can take this information, organize and analyze it, and then put it to use so that they can leverage what they know to build up their customer base.  Both IF and TSCO are utilizing social media, however they are not equal when it comes to their CTAs and what they are trying to accomplish.

Industrial Finishes

Industrial Finishes has begun using YouTube and Facebook as their primary means of reaching out to their TM when using social media.  When browsing through the various videos on YouTube, and scrolling through Facebook, I notice one common theme.  Informative.  There is nothing super technical being presented, but rather a scaled down opportunity to share their videos and thoughts highlighting their people, services, vendors, and clients.  Their CTA, so-to-speak, would have to be wanting people to subscribe to their YouTube channel and “Liking” them on Facebook.  This is so they can continue building their image and their brand awareness. 

The downside to their CTA though, is the lack of content being provided, the infrequency of posts and uploads, and that there is no real consistency as to what content is actually being presented. They are currently missing out on opportunities to provide content that is not only beneficial to their TM, but also a way to present themselves in a manner that gives them commanding brand awareness.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, IF is in their infancy stage of using social media, so it may be that they find that it is not that big of a deal at the moment to fully use it.  However, they are beginning to get their hands dirty, and the possibilities are out there for them.

Territorial Seed Co.

Territorial Seed Co., on the other hand, has been getting their hands dirty for quite some time, and they understand what a good CTA can offer.  For instance, their usage of Twitter and Facebook alone creates a mixture of CTAs.  Not only are they highly informative with ideas and suggestions, but they also showcase what they have to offer almost on a daily basis.  To include into the mix, they also have specials that you can click on that lands you on their homepage, which then allows you to purchase the item on sale, sign up for their newsletter, order a free catalog, and various other actions. 

TSCO definitely has a winning combination and a relatively good understanding of a good CTA.  Customers get to know the company first by following them on Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, which is the beginning of a trusting relationship.  TSCO offers great ideas for the garden, and customers use these great ideas in their own gardens.  When the idea works, the customer is happy, and begins to seek out more information from TSCO.  More information leads to buying supplies, and buying other products that TSCO offers, and thus creates a relationship built from offering a simple tip.

TSCO has a great well-rounded marketing strategy utilizing several social media sources.  They are actively engaged with their customers by communicating with them on a near daily basis, showcasing their products, giving information, and just providing a general brand presence wherever they are.