In this continuing discussion about Industrial Finishes and Territorial Seed Co., I’m going to talk about what I believe is each of the two companies goals in using the particular social media mixes they are currently working with.  Each company obviously has their own purpose in mind, and hopefully it is all part of their overall content strategy.

Industrial Finishes’ social media mix, as stated before, is centered around their auto body repair and paint markets.  This means that they really focus on the quality of their work, as well as events that they participate in.  The picture of the Lamborghini Aventador taken at the 2013 SEMA Auto Show in Las Vegas,IF Paint Job is not only an example of the excellent quality of work that they offer, but it is also the type of media that they are providing for their automotive markets to see the type of recognition that their work receives.

As far as their social media mix goals are concerned, I believe that they are hoping to reach a crowd that appreciates the highest quality of work, with the best technical experience around.  It gives Industrial Finishes the ability to show their work instead of just talking about it.

Territorial Seed Co. has employed the same sort of mix, except they have allowed their target market to be saturated with who they are and what they offer on multiple social media platforms.  This cross-platform utilization is, from what I can tell, a major portion of their content strategy, and allows for the opportunity to engage with their markets on many levels.

Images such as the Purple Star Sweet PepperTerritorial Seed Sweet Pepper found on Pinterest and Instagram, allow for Territorial Seed Co. to get their subscribers excited and ready for the gardening season.  It also allows for their subscribers to engage in discussions and have questions answered from Territorial Seed Co.’s very own gardeners.  This type of involvement grants the company valuable information in terms knowing what kind of content to continually provide for their customers.  It not only allows them to feel the pulse of the market, but it keeps the customer coming back time and time again.

Both of these companies have at least embraced the idea that social media can help them achieve their marketing goals.  Although each one may have some different goals than the other, they both have an identical core goal that they want to achieve.  The ability to connect with their customers is central to any marketing strategy, and both of these companies are doing it.