As Spring Break ends and school starts back up again, I’ve been able to sit down and take a better look at my two companies with greater depth.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, each company is on a different part of the social media spectrum.  To recount, Industrial Finishes is very much in their infancy stage, just starting out in the digital media world.  While Territorial Seed Co. has a greater grasp on the entire concept.  To a degree, both seem to have their target audiences in mind, while utilizing a variety of platforms to reach

According to Industrial Finishes’ website, they have four identifiable target markets; Automotive/Collision Repair market, Recreational Vehicle market, Panel & Cabinet market, and the Industrial and Commercial Coatings market.  These four markets are the baseline for their current success, however their success is not based off their digital marketing strategy.  Currently they are operating on YouTube and Facebook, but still don’t quite use these two platforms to their maximum potential.  As it seems, they are mainly catering to their Automotive market.

This market consists of “Car Guys” as they proudly proclaim.  This “Car Guy” mentality is focused around people who take pride in their remodeled vehicles and want a beautiful paint finish to top it off.  This marketing strategy is obvious in both their YouTube and Facebook accounts, because most of their content is centered around car shows.  Yes, there is the occasional mention of a new store opening up, or a small article about automotive parts, but there is nothing really tailored to the other target markets.

I really feel as though Industrial Finishes could be even more successful if they were to expand their use and activity of social media, and reach out to their other target markets using these platforms.  There are countless ways in which to engage their individual audiences, broaden their online presence, and keep current and potential customers interested.  The question is, which target market should they really focus on?

Territorial Seed Co., on the other hand seems to have a much better understanding as to who their target market is, while at the same time, fully engaging themselves on social media.  They use multiple platforms, allowing them to reach target audiences who may not be on every single platform on the web.  This strategy alone allows for a broader reach and allows their content to flow further.

Their primary, and quite possibly the only two target markets they have, are the common backyard gardener, and the stores that cater to these backyard gardeners.  Each target market is the type who is concerned about GMOs, and want an organic alternative to fruit and vegetable seeds.

Because they utilize multiple platforms, they are able to capture the essence of their brand and then broadcast this to each specific customer on each social media site.  They are able to provide promotions and create buzz on Twitter and Facebook, while creating a library of pictures and information on both Instagram and Pinterest.  And to boot, they have instructional videos on YouTube to offer a helping hand to those already growing fruits and vegetables.  Territorial Seed Co., is without a doubt, actively engaged with their audience.

Though Industrial Finishes has been around for nearly six decades and has had tremendous success on many fronts, their current social media marketing model is lagging.  Because their clientele is mostly of an older generation of people, social media has not been that big of a concern to them.  However, they realize that markets change, and in order to reach those new markets, they need to be able to communicate with them.  This is where social media takes its rightful place, but with a current cost of playing the catch-up game.

Territorial Seed Co., seems to understand this concept and has fully embraced it.  Their knowledge and understanding of their target markets drives them to stay current with the latest and greatest ways of communication, which in turn allows them to stay engaged with their markets.  This strategy will unquestionably serve them well now and into the future.