Territorial Seed Co.

Territorial Seed Company is a privately held company based out of Cottage Grove, OR.  They offer plants, garden accessories, and garden seeds,  including organic and biodynamic varieties and are 100% non-GMO.  They have a fully functioning website that handles with the majority of their business, due to the fact that they are mainly a mail-to-order seed company.  They do offer their seeds to local retailers, who in return sell them to the public.  They can be found at www.TerritorialSeed.com.  While visiting this page, you can clearly see that their purpose is to provide information on the products they provide.  The site includes full descriptions of all their seeds, and pictures to show you what the end result should look like.

Territorial Seed Co.’s website also provides software, in which gardeners can draw out the layout of their garden, and “plant” the vegetables that they would like to have, to see if everything fits.  This software provides recommendations as to where and when to plant, how to care for the plants, and suggestions as to how to care for the garden.  It is quite the practical tool for a novice gardener as myself.

The “call to action” for this website is fairly forward, in that, if you are here looking for seeds, you are going to select and buy them.  You could ultimately peruse through the pictures, but inevitably, the person that is “just looking” will no doubt buy some seeds.

As of this post, Territorials Facebook page has over 85k likes, 3800+ followers on Twitter, 828 subscribers on YouTube, 471 followers on Instagram, 137 followers on Pinterest, and 11 followers on LinkedIn.  I would say this is a fairly broad sweep in their social media marketing strategy, however, I see a lot of room for improvement.

Industrial Finishes

Industrial Finishes is a wholesale distributor of automotive collision industry coatings, supplies, and equipment.  They paint anything that flies, floats, or rolls, and everything in between.  They began as an auto body and paint supply store serving the Pacific Northwest in 1958.  When Stuart Barr, once a driver for the store, bought the company and began the innovation process.  Stuart Barr had a background in spray painting and used his knowledge to serve the local timber industry, specifically plywood manufacturing.  “He was determined to spray the glue on to give a more even application.”  And so, he invented a device and a method to spraying specific adhesives to plywood, which significantly reduced the amount of glue used, as well as improving the quality of plywood.

Industrial Finishes website is http://www.industrialfinishes.com/, and offers both a portal for day-to-day customers and for current customers who have a profile.  The obvious intent of their website is to inform the reader.  They are not “selling” anything directly, but rather showing what they have to offer, and the way they do it.  They also provide a detailed history of the company, and the people involved with their success.  Overall, it is more informational than anything else.

The call-to-action for Industrial Finishes might be their directing of customers to visit their YouTube and Facebook pages.  There is no real “selling” on the site, so there is no shopping cart, nor checkout.

As of this post, they have only 15 subscribers on YouTube, over 1000 views on their Google+ account, 340+ Facebook likes, and 62 followers on LinkedIn.  As I’ve mentioned before, they are in their infancy stages of social media marketing, but are aware of the changing of times.