There are many local companies in which I would love to analyze and get to know more.  However, with such a limited amount of time for this class, I’m limiting myself to the two that is required.  I’ve chosen to analyze Territorial Seed Company and Industrial Finishes.  Both companies are local, and both companies have a fairly decent social media presence.

Territorial Seed Co., as you may have guessed, is a garden seed supply company.  They are based out of Cottage Grove, OR and started off as a mail-to-order seed company.  However, since its introduction, they have grown from a small time operation to a full 44 acre business.  Their seeds are all non-GMO, which is the main reason why I started buying from them years ago.  Not only do they offer non-GMO seeds, but the varieties offered are no less than perfect.  I’m able to switch my garden around each year with something new and exciting, and of course keep my favorites from years past.

When I was first in the market for non-GMO seeds, I went to the internet.  I wanted something local because I believe that local companies need to be supported first before the national conglomerates.  I happened to come across Territorial, and the rest is, well the rest is in my garden.  I’ve enjoyed several years of fresh vegetables, and countless hours of dad and son time, digging holes and turning dirt.  Great times!

Now as far as their social media campaign goes, I think they are right on par with their size.  They have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and of course countless “pins” from their Pintrest page.  They are on the platforms that matter for their business model, and from what I can tell, are doing it right.  I believe that I’ll be able to gain some great insight as to how they use these mediums, so that I can apply them in my own career in the future.

The second company I have chosen is Industrial Finishes.   Industrial Finishes is a wholesale distributor of automotive collision industry coatings, supplies and equipment.  They have been serving the Pacific Northwest since 1958 and started right here in Eugene.  They are a Christ oriented company and are not afraid to show it.  It’s really awesome to see a company so open about their faith and be so successful as well.

I recently had the chance to interview with them and met with their marketing director, Mike Duncan.  I was able to sit down with him and ask him several questions pertaining to their social media marketing strategy.  I obviously became even more intrigued with the notion of the possibility of working with them.  Not only would the knowledge gained be extremely beneficial for my own tool belt, but the fact that I would have oversight and guidance while “tinkering” with my own mix of ideas is absolutely invaluable.

They are currently utilizing Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, but have yet to fully dive into social media marketing.  They have been using the tried and proven way of customer loyalty and word of mouth, but are fully aware that there is a broader market of social media users.  At the current moment, I believe they are more or less in their infancy stages of their social media marketing strategy, and am extremely excited to see where they end up with it.