When I first signed up with WordPress, I did not have any clear objectives.  So my first post is kind of irrelevant now, however, I’m going to keep it because it allows all you followers out there to stay connected with me!

But as the title suggests, I have some personal objectives that I’d like to accomplish while attending this course.  Now I wouldn’t say that I’m social media illiterate, however, I may be out of practice a bit.  For instance, WordPress is a new concept for me.  I don’t blog, and I doubt I ever will after this class.  But, I do believe that learning something new is important because you never know what life has in store for you.  The skills that I will acquire here might go on to serve a larger purpose later on.  Who knows, maybe I’ll find that I enjoy writing senselessly and make a career out of it!

As far as the other objectives go, I would like to dive into each media platform and discover things that I am unaware of on a “user level.”  I want to know how to apply these mediums in a marketing manner, where I will grow and understand how to use them in my future marketing career.  I realize that there are countless platforms that one can use to market, but I also believe that using the main ones (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) are where you will reach the most customers.  These platforms can be catered so to your target market(s) allowing for a wider range of connecting.

However, I am also aware that these current platforms will not stay current, or relevant for that matter, in the near future.  I hope to also gain the ability to stay connected with current trends and current platforms, so that I will be able to continue with how I focus on my marketing strategy.

By staying current with the materials and tools of marketing, I hope to be able to gain the insight needed to connect with my audience.  Whether I’m working for someone who is developing their own marketing strategy, or if I open up my own business and develop my own strategy, I hope that what I learn from this class suits me well in the future.